Cramer’s lightning round: GoodRx is in a ‘no-fly zone’

AT&T: “Let me tell you how I feel about AT&T: I don’t hate it anymore.”

GrowGeneration: “Very, very rarely do I ever say this. It’s a stock whose time has come and went. They bought a lot of companies. They did a roll up, and then they did one roll up too many, and then I had to say goodbye, and that’s where it remains.”

InMode: “[The caller] Joe is absolutely right. This is a situation that’s a very good situation, but the mercurial nature of this market is not letting this InMode bottom. It’s trading as if it’s losing big money and not doing anything. I like InMode. I can’t tell you when it stops, but I do like InMode.”

GoodRx: “These are all no-go. They’re in a no-fly zone. You’ve just got to look at it like that.”

H&R Block: “They’re up against Intuit. That is literally bringing a knife to a gun fight. I can’t go there.”

Carrier Global: “Very much so. “Dave Gitlin is a terrific CEO. There’s a company, I would buy some at $40, some at $35 and some at $30. Meet that there, and when it does, you’ve got to be big because that’s a good company.”

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