12 hours ago

    P&G’s initial decline had nothing to do with earnings. The market later agreed

    Management's call with investors had us feeling very good about Procter & Gamble's future, no matter the economic backdrop.
    13 hours ago

    National Bank CEO slams Canada’s capital gains tax increase

    'Does not send the right signal for risk-taking, for investments, innovation,' says Laurent Ferreira
    14 hours ago

    Something strange has been happening with jobless claims numbers lately

    For five of the past six weeks, the level of initial jobless filings totaled exactly 212,000.
    15 hours ago

    Why Coterra is surging Friday while the stock market sits in oversold territory

    The Investing Club holds its "Morning Meeting" every weekday at 10:20 a.m. ET.
    16 hours ago

    Charlie Munger Lived In The Same House For 70 Years — He Watched Rich Friends Buy Fancy Homes And Become ‘Less Happy, Not Happier’

    The late Charlie Munger, the esteemed investor and vice chairman of Berkshire Hathaway Inc., chose a path less traveled by…
    1 day ago

    China’s fiscal stimulus is losing its effectiveness, S&P says

    China's fiscal stimulus is losing its effectiveness and is more of a strategy to buy time for industrial and consumption…
    1 day ago

    Netflix forces Wall Street to focus on profit and revenue with decision to stop reporting subscriber numbers in 2025

    Netflix will no longer report its quarterly subscriber additions, a sign that the benefits of its password-sharing crackdown may be…
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