9 hours ago

    Some NYCB deposits may be a flight risk after Moody’s downgrades ratings again

    Moody's slashed one of New York Community Bank's key ratings for the second time in a month.
    12 hours ago

    Turkish annual inflation soars to 67% in February

    The annual February figures came in above analyst expectations, with hotels, cafes and restaurants noting the highest inflation increase.
    23 hours ago

    The North Sea could become a ‘central storage camp’ for carbon waste. Not everyone likes the idea

    Norway's government wants to show the world it is possible to safely inject and store carbon waste under the seabed.
    1 day ago

    SpaceX-backed startup says preorders for its $300,000 futuristic flying car have reached 2,850

    Alef Aeronautics said preorders for its two-seater flying car, the Alef Model A, hit a fresh record, taking its total…
    2 days ago

    Ahead of Super Tuesday, Nikki Haley says she will stay in the 2024 presidential race as long as she is ‘competitive’

    Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley said in an interview ahead of Super Tuesday she will continue in the race as…
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