Cramer’s lightning round: Peloton has run up way too far

Nextera Energy: “If you want a growth utility, that’s the one. If you want a little more safety, you do Coned and if you want just kind of a plain-ole, but good grower: American Electric Power.”

Peloton: “I like Peloton, but I think it’s run up way too far. I do believe that there’s a stay-at-home exercise community … but the stock has had a very big run. I think it can go higher, but I don’t like the risk-reward here.”

Fulgent Genetics: “Anything that’s about diagnostics is incredibly hot, but remember I’m an old-fashioned diagnostics guy. I like Abbott, I like Thermo-Fisher, but, you know what, if you want a little spec that one works for me.”

Ericsson: “No.”

Hannon Armstrong Sustainable: “I do not like any credit market right now. Look at what’s happening with our banks, and that’s a bit of a bank, so I say ‘no thank you.'”

Splunk: “Splunk’s pretty good. … It’s one of those companies that has a lot of things going for it, in terms of data analytics.”

Clorox: “Right now, the market doesn’t like the defensive stocks and they’ve stepped away from a stock like Clorox. We’ve got to give it some time, let it come in a little.”

Vale: “I still can’t get behind Vale. I’ve got other companies I would rather own, which include Freeport.”

Trade Desk: “This is the kind of multiple-to-sales stock that I’m afraid is going to get hurt by the flood of IPOs.”

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