Cramer’s lightning round: Eastman Kodak is a ‘red flag’

Jumia Technologies: “This one trades insanely, but here is my advice to you: I like Amazon and I am willing to like Alibaba … [and] I’ll even go to MercadoLibre, which I like in Latin America. Those are the three best. Stick with those.”

Eastman Kodak: “I’m putting a distinct red flag here on this Kodak. … I don’t like it because of that deal they made with the government, and the insider selling. I need to know more about it.”

Zynga: “The tidal wave of gaming. That’s what it is, it’s the tidal wave and it’s just sweeping everybody, and that includes Zynga.”

Altria Group: “I’ll say two things about Altira. One is it can pay that dividend because it makes that much money, and two I don’t recommend any tobacco stocks or companies that put money with Juul because I think these are — I don’t like what they have done to members of my family.”

GoPro: “Maybe it goes up a dollar from here, but it’s a commodity. I have nothing good to say about them. … I haven’t since it was at $90 when I saw a goat surf in Hawaii with a GoPro on its head. That was enough for me.”

Rackspace Technology: “Not special enough for me.”

Workhorse Group: “It has what I call ‘the thesis, the grand thesis.’ It’s got electronic vehicles, it’s got drones — that’s what people want. But you know what I want? I want some earnings, and it doesn’t have those, and I want some valuation, and it’s up 733%, therefore I conclude that I am not early with the stock of Workhorse.”

The Buckle: “It’s dong OK … but, you know what, I don’t like apparel, and if I wanted apparel I’d buy VF Corp or I would buy PVH or even Ralph Lauren.”

Disclosure: Cramer’s charitable trust owns shares of Amazon.


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