Mining People: CIM, Tanzanian Gold, Northisle, Cordoba Minerals, Fjordland

James E. Sinclair has retired as executive chairman of Tanzanian Gold Corp.

Northisle Copper and Gold and appointed Michelle Tanguay as head of sustainability and community relations.

World Copper has named Nolan Peterson its new CEO.

Cordoba Minerals has announced the appointment of Sarah Armstrong-Montoya as president and CEO.

Christopher J. Wild is now chief geologist at Bmex Gold Inc.

Marimaca Copper has made three executive appointments of note: current president Hayden Locke as CEO, Luis Tondo to the new position of COO, and Petra Decher as CFO.

The Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum has announced the selection of Mike Cinnamond as the 2023-24 president

Red Metal Resources has appointed Rodney Stevens as VP corporate finance.

Mark T. Brown is the new CFO of Fjordland Exploration.

Board moves include:

Douglas Silver has joined the board of Metalla Royalty and Streaming. He also joins the board of Chakana Copper to replace Doug Kirwin.

Frontier Lithium has invited Greg Mills to join its board of directors.

Stone Gold has appointed Birks Bovaird to its board.

Neil Burns and James Claire have been named directors of Canstar Resources following the resignation of Patrick Reid.

Scott Gibson has resigned from the Roughrider Exploration board.

Marimaca Copper recently made changes to its board: Mike Haworth as non-executive chair, Hayden Locke as a director, Colin Kinley as lead independent director, Colin Kinley as lead independent director, and Petra Decher has stepped down.

Jennifer Hui  Wu has tendered her resignation from the board of Salazar Resources.

(This article first appeared in the Canadian Mining Journal)

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