Anti-mining activists attack Curimining worker in Ecuador

Ministry of Energy and Nonrenewable Resources issued a communiqué deeming the violent actions as “politically motivated”

The incident took place on December 24, but was made public a few days later when the Ministry of Energy and Nonrenewable Resources issued a communiqué informing of the situation, deeming the violent actions as “politically motivated” and asking those who oppose mining projects to engage in peaceful dialogue. 

“It is important to point out that national and foreign mining companies operate under a mining title in Ecuador. Besides, the National Government works incessantly, in an inter-institutional fashion, in the development of a responsible mining sector that is compliant with the law and that sanctions illegal activities,” the Ministry’s statement reads. 

Curimining used social media to express the company’s position regarding the attack.

“We are deeply sorry that our coworkers had to go through this shameful experience, exposing their lives in front of a group of people that claim to defend Pachamama while fearlessly attacking human lives,” Curimining’s release reads.

Besides carrying out activities with the local communities, Curimining is also in charge of exploration and project development at Curipamba, a property that covers 21,537 hectares and includes the advanced high-grade copper-gold El Domo deposit. 

El Domo is a flat-lying tabular shaped VMS deposit, with mineralization beginning at 30 metres from surface and dimensions of approximately 800 x 400 metres. 

In 2020, Adventus acquired surface rights covering 100% of the land overlying the estimated mineral resources and proposed open-pit and underground mines.

As of June 2020, the Toronto-based miner had funded over $20 million in exploration and project development activities towards the earn-in requirement it signed with Salazar in 2017. 

A feasibility study for Curipamba is expected to be completed by the fourth quarter of 2021. 

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