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Still no stimulus check? These IRS deadlines could apply to you

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If you still haven’t received your full stimulus check, there may still be time to get your information to the IRS and get your payment this year.

The government has sent out millions of checks in amounts of up to $1,200 per individual or $2,400 per married couple, plus $500 for dependents under 17.

Still, some people were shut out of the $1,200 payment, or did not receive the $500 for which their children were eligible.

Two upcoming IRS deadlines could let those who do not typically file tax returns submit their information to the agency in order to get the money for which they qualify this year.

Sept. 30 deadline for dependent payments

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If you receive Social Security, Supplemental Security Income, Department of Veterans Affairs or Railroad Retirement Board benefits, you have until Sept. 30 to enter information on your dependent children in the IRS non-filer online portal.

The deadline specifically applies to people in those categories who did not use the tool before May 5, according to the IRS. Those who submitted information after May 5 will automatically receive payments for their dependents in October, according to the tax agency.

Those who miss the Sept. 30 deadline will instead receive a credit when they file their tax returns next year.  

The additional payments will come the same way the initial checks were sent, either through direct deposit or mailed paper checks.

Those who are expecting more money can check their status on the Get My Payment tool.

Oct. 15 deadline for non-filers

Americans who have little to no income may still qualify for a stimulus check.

However, the IRS may not have information on those people because they typically do not file tax returns.

The agency is making a push to notify those people that they have until Oct. 15 to submit their information in order to receive money this year.

Last week, the agency announced it is sending 9 million letters to notify people that they could be eligible for the money.

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The non-filer tool is aimed at individuals with incomes below $12,200 and married couples who earn less than $24,400. People who don’t work or who have no income can also use the portal.

Families who use the earned income tax credit or child tax credit are not eligible to use the tool. Instead, they need to file a regular tax return.

There are reasons why some individuals and families may not qualify for stimulus checks. They must have valid Social Security numbers and hold American citizen or resident alien status, among other requirements the IRS outlines on its website.

Those who are eligible and who do not meet the Oct. 15 deadline will be able to claim the stimulus payments as a credit on their tax returns next year.

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