Europe’s critical raw materials plan key to becoming climate-neutral by 2050 – Roskill

Lithium, titanium, bauxite and strontium were added to the EU’s 2020 List of Critical Raw Materials

The target is central to the European Green Deal and in line with the EU’s commitment to global climate action under the Paris Agreement.

Although nickel wasn’t added to the Action Plan on Critical Raw Materials and its list of 30 metals and minerals, the EC said that its experts will monitor it closely.

“The Action Plan looks at the current and future challenges and proposes actions to reduce Europe’s dependency on third countries, diversifying supply from both primary and secondary sources and improving resource efficiency and circularity while promoting responsible sourcing worldwide,” the Commission’s announcement reads. “The actions will foster our transition towards a green and digital economy, and at the same time, bolster Europe’s resilience and open strategic autonomy in key technologies needed for such transition.”

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