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AMD Sets New CPU, GPU Product Launches For October: What You Need to Know

AMD) confirmed the launch dates this week for its highly anticipated next-gen CPU and GPU architectures, setting in motion several rumors about the offerings.

“A new era of leadership performance across computing and graphics is coming. The journey begins on October 8,” AMD said in the tweet.

reportedly built on the 7nm node, as with the preceding hardware. ” data-reactid=”28″>The architecture is reportedly built on the 7nm node, as with the preceding hardware. 

The chip configurations could be rearranged, most notably in the L3 cache.

Given that there is no node shrinkage, some meaningful architectural improvement over Zen 2 could be expected, AnandTech reported.

Desktop CPUs based on Zen 3 architecture would come with Ryzen 4000 branding and mobile processors with the new architecture would have Ryzen 5000 branding.

Recently, rival Intel released its 11th-generation Tiger Lake mobile processor, which according to analysts, offers high performance at low power.

NVDA) Ampere-based GPU, which was announced but has yet to launch. 

AMD’s Big Navi promises big performance and efficiency gains, along with feature parity with Nvidia in terms of ray tracing support, Tom’s Hardware reported.

It remains to be seen how the Big Navi stacks up against Nvidia’s RTX 30-series Ampere-based GPUs in both price and performance.

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