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Why NTN Buzztime's Stock Is Trading Higher Today

NTN) shares are trading higher on Thursday after the company announced that its merger deal with Brooklyn ImminoTherapeutics was approved by shareholders.

NTN Buzztime delivers interactive entertainment and innovative dining technology to bars and restaurants in North America. It licenses its customizable solution that offers guests trivia, card, sports and single player games, nationwide competitions, and by offering self-service dining features including dynamic menus, touchscreen ordering, and secure payment.

The company offers Buzztime Entertainment On Demand (BEOND), a tablet platform. It generates revenue by charging subscription fees for its service to its network subscribers, by leasing equipment to certain network subscribers, by hosting live trivia events, by selling advertising aired on in-venue screens and as part of customized games and by pay-to-play single player games.

NTN Buzztime shares were trading up 140% at $4.45 on Thursday during the time of publication. The stock has a 52-week high of $6.75 and a 52-week low of 94 cents.

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