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Tesla's Full Self-Driving Software To Make 'Quantum Leap,' Musk Says

TSLA). While you can buy a “Full Self Driving” package on Tesla’s website, the company’s cars are not able to drive themselves without human help yet — but that may be changing soon.

Twitter. ” data-reactid=”20″>Tesla’s FSD software will make a “quantum leap” when it comes to the optional upgrade, CEO Elon Musk said Friday on Twitter

This is due to an expected total rewrite of the company’s software.

When using the latest alpha build of the software, Musk said he can almost make it to work while letting the car handle 100% of the driving tasks.

LYFT) and Uber (NYSE: UBER) in which Tesla owners would be able to send their car out to make revenue for them when the vehicle is not needed.

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