Eriez extends Coalition for Energy Efficient Comminution sponsorship

HydroFloat Credit: Eriez

After completing a successful initial year of partnership, Eriez has renewed its sponsorship with the Coalition for Energy Efficient Comminution (CEEC).

“Eriez brings an exciting option to mineral processing circuits with its innovative HydroFloat technology, which has the potential to significantly cut costs and boost processing efficiency,” Alison Keogh, CEEC CEO, said in a release.

“Commercialization of technologies such as the HydroFloat has the capability to transform the way operations manage energy, water and other resources.”

The experts at Eriez Flotation bring their unique perspective and extensive experience as leaders in coarse flotation in the phosphate and potash industries to support CEEC’s global initiatives to share energy efficient, productive mining processes to help decrease costs, reduce footprints and improve shareholder value.

“Eriez Flotation has made its mark by majorly re-thinking the outdated traditional flotation process, which has been utilized for over 100 years. Our HydroFloat and StackCell systems radically improve separation and recovery of coarse and fine particles. We are proud to bring this innovative mindset to contribute to the mission of CEEC by sharing valuable insight and exchanging ideas to propel improvements across the global mining industry,” added Eric Wasmund, global managing director at Eriez Flotation.

Eriez Flotation specializes in advanced flotation technologies and provides advanced testing and engineering services, sparging and column flotation equipment, and innovations in process technology such as HydroFloat and StackCell for the mining and mineral processing industries.

HydroFloat increases recovery of coarse particles by forming a bed of fluidized solids into which small air bubbles are introduced. StackCell is a small stackable mechancal cell, which offers reduced mixing in the cell and shorter residence times.

(This article first appeared in the Canadian Mining Journal)

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