Cramer’s lightning round: I think L3harris Technologies shares have bottomed

L3harris Technologies: “I thought the quarter was OK. There was a rotation out of the fed stocks. The money is going back in them now. I think the stock has bottomed. I also like Lockheed Martin … and both these stocks are inexpensive, versus where they were.”

Evolent Health: “In fairness, the stock did anticipate a really great quarter, and if we didn’t have this rotation I think it would have continued to go higher.”

Digital Turbine: “I don’t know that stock. I’m going to have to come back to that.”

Alteryx: “I happen to like Alteryx, but, you know what, it reminds me of the Cowboys in the playoffs. It just folded like a cheap suit. Now, I actually think that the quarter was not nearly as bad, but, you know what, it’s part and parcel with this sell-off because it had such a high multiple.”

Digi International: “The Internet of Things industry is good. This stock is down a lot. It is the kind of thing that intrigues me.”

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