Coronavirus live updates: U.S. begins trials testing Eli Lilly antibody drug, to slash staff

Coronavirus relief talks are set to resume Tuesday after “productive” efforts to strike a deal left Democrats and Republicans with outstanding sticking points. On Monday, President Donald Trump urged Americans to stay “vigilant” against the coronavirus as U.S. officials begin to see new “flare-ups,” including in states like Georgia, Mississippi, Tennessee, Oklahoma and Missouri. Trump also presented a rushed timeline for a potential coronavirus vaccine, saying it may be available to the public even ahead of the end of the year.

The following data was compiled by Johns Hopkins University:

  • Global cases: More than 18.3 million 
  • Global deaths: At least 694,715
  • U.S. cases: More than 4.71 million 
  • U.S. deaths: At least 155,478

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