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CNBC asked, you nominated: The brave, compassionate heroes of the coronavirus pandemic

Across the globe, millions are struggling with the personal and economic fallout caused by Covid-19. From businesses owners and employees to frontline essential workers and stay-at-home parents, the immeasurable level of suffering and massive disruption has taken an enormous toll on daily life. 

Last week we asked CNBC readers to nominate neighbors who have gone above and beyond, and you answered the call. We applaud the efforts of each and every one of the HomeGROWn Heroes below. Here are the compassionate, brave acts of kindness that have made a difference in so many lives.

Assisting caregivers in nursing homes

Nomination: Barbara K., Pennsylvania 

“Since the country was placed under stay-at-home orders, my younger sister Barbara has been spending long days at the nursing home helping out with administrative duties beyond her normal job. She is assisting the caregivers so they may attend to persons in their care. Every day she goes in to see the pain and sorrow that has unfolded. I don’t know how she does it.”

— Michael H.

Leading decontamination efforts

Nomination: 2nd Lt. Joshua Jones, Alabama National Guard

“2nd Lt. Jones is leading the Alabama National Guard’s 1166th MP Company in Task Force 31 Covid-19 decontamination of nursing homes and assisted-living facilities across the state of Alabama. The recognition should go to the entire Alabama National Guard 1166 MP Company. Thank you for recognizing these fine young men and women who serve their country through the National Guard.”

— Christopher J.

2nd Lt. Joshua J. is leading the Alabama National Guard’s 1166th MP Company in Task Force 31 Covid-19.

Christopher Jones

Launching a gift card giveaway program

Nomination: Wendy O., Gig Harbor, Washington

Since small businesses have shut down, Wendy started a gift card giveaway program where folks “donated” money and she used that money to buy gift cards at designated small businesses. She has raised over $20,000 for small businesses in our small community. The businesses chosen each receive between $500–$2,000. She also administers the “Gig Harbor Positive Town Talk” Facebook page.

— Bryan M.

Delivering food to the elderly

Nomination: Elisa G., New Jersey

“Elisa, who is a cancer survivor and very compromised delivers food during the pandemic to the elderly. One older gentleman really wanted pie.. Elisa drove to several bakeries to find the exact one he wanted and left it on his doorstep. Through his glass, they both cried. It was a quiet moment. But she goes over and above for everyone. She’s truly a hero.

— Craig R.

Providing disaster relief and EMT services

Nomination: Joseph Z., New York City

Joseph is a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps and currently serves as an EMT with the FDNY. He has a company, Black 6 Coffee, that funds his nonprofit Black 6 Project, which provides humanitarian aid during disaster relief operations. During the pandemic, he partnered with other veteran-owned businesses to run Food for Impact, an initiative to provide meals to frontline workers (health care, EMTs, police officers). They received so much support, they were also able to set up R&R centers for visiting health-care workers. He has done all of this while continuing to work countless hours as an EMT during the pandemic in New York City. The work that he does is truly amazing and deserving of recognition.”

— Mercedes E.

Traveling 300 miles to NYC to save lives

Nomination: Thomas M., Fredericksburg, Virginia

“Thomas is not only continuing to conduct his real estate business in [Fredericksburg], he is also helping to save lives 300 miles to the north by volunteering to serve as an EMT in Queens, New York, one of the hardest-hit districts during this global pandemic. As a Lieutenant at Virginia-based LifeCare Medical Transports, Thomas and his team deployed to New York a few weeks back with eight ambulances and 16 fellow EMTs. Currently, he is leading a strike team that, when called upon to relieve overworked EMS employees with 911 calls and medical transports, provides advanced and basic life support, and they do so working 12-hour shifts with their own PPE, bleach and spray bottles, knowing these items are in short supply in New York City.” 

— Peter M.

Thomas left his hometown of Fredericksburg, Virginia, to volunteer as an EMT in Queens, New York.

Peter Mosca

Volunteering to treat Covid-19 patients in hospice care

Nomination: Pat H., New  City, New York 

“We have rightfully heard about the frontline heroes  hospital workers, emergency services personnel, postal workers, supermarket workers, etc. No one has spoken about the heroic work of hospice staff during this pandemic. It is only natural that hospice staff would be caring for dying Covid-19 patients. We sought to develop a Covid team to care for those patients/families referred to us. Without a moment’s hesitation, Pat volunteered to be the first RN on the team. She understood the risk to her family, but that did not deter her. Pat worked during the AIDS epidemic and witnessed the fear by providers and the isolation of patients at the time. Throughout the pandemic, she served as a role model for the rest of the staff as she skillfully and compassionately cared for Covid patients at home, nursing homes, etc., assuring that they died in comfort and with dignity. Family members are particularly grateful that they were able to be with and help care for their loved ones as a result of Pat’s efforts.” 

— Amy S.

Providing comfort, securing supplies for first responders

Nomination: Maria K. Sterling Heights, Michigan  

Maria has spent the last 30 years as an educator. Her philosophy is all about love, and she has impacted the lives of many students over the years. During the Covid-19 pandemic, Maria worked to secure PPE early on. She put forth a significant portion of her own income before fundraising. This ensured that we were able to get supplies, meals and care packages to health-care workers and first responders in need. So far, about $10,000 has been put toward these efforts. Maria is as selfless as they come, and her work is the personification of her motto. I couldn’t imagine a community player more deserving of this recognition than Maria.

— Michael S.

Distributing food to first responders, homeless

Nomination: Nandana K., Shrewsbury, Massachusetts

For the last three months in these unprecedented times, Dr. Nandana kept the community informed of [Department of Public Health] data, facilitated endless service projects — food distribution to first responders, collected donations and supplied donations to several homeless shelters and food pantries. Amazing positivity and energy.

— Shruti M. 

NOMINATE A HERO: Do you know someone who has gone above and beyond to uplift their family, neighbors or community during the pandemic? We’re celebrating HomeGROWn Heroes and want to hear their story. Nominate them today.

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